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File #: Ordinance 12-2021    Name:
Type: Ordinance Status: Failed
File created: 6/21/2021 In control: City Council
On agenda: 7/20/2021 Final action: 7/20/2021
Title: Ordinance 12-2021: An ordinance on second reading approving the Sixth Amendment to Area K of the Southbridge Planned Development Plan
Attachments: 1. 1. Ordinance No. 12-2021, 2. 2. Exhibit A - Legal Description, 3. 3. Exhibit B - PD Amendment, 4. 4. Staff Report, 5. 5. Letter from Applicant's Attorney, 6. 6. Comprehensive Plan Analysis Checklist - 1151 W. Mineral, 7. 7. Public Comments, 8. 8. Southbridge Tentative Plan, 9. 9. PC Resolution No. 02-2021, 10. 10. Presentation_Ord. 12-2021

Agenda Date: 07/20/2021




Ordinance 12-2021: An ordinance on second reading approving the Sixth Amendment to Area K of the Southbridge Planned Development Plan



Prepared by:

Karl Onsager, AICP Planner I Michael Sutherland, Deputy Director of Community Development


Consider application to amend the Southbridge Planned Development (PD) Plan Area K to allow office, automotive service (not to include auto-body repair, vehicle painting, wrecking yard or demolition operations, or industrial assembly, and not open to the general public) and vehicle storage as permitted uses, and establish lot standards for height, gross floor area, unobstructed open space, vehicle routes and number of vehicle hauler trips, and architectural design.



                     Staff Presenter(s):                                           Mike Sutherland, Deputy Director of Community


                     Additional Presenter(s):                      Michael McDonald, Owner, McDonald Automotive Group

                                                                                                         Andy Larsen Jr., Principal, Commercial Building Services,


                                                                                                         David Spratlen, Architect, Commercial Building Services,




In 1979, council approved the Southbridge Tentative PD Plan. The 85.42 acres of Area K of the PD plan was designated for “Office Park” use. The applicant is requesting approval of a PD amendment to expand allowed uses and establish lot standards and restrictions for the property located at 1151 W. Mineral Ave located in Area K of the Southbridge Tentative PD Plan.


Since first reading, staff has received a letter from applicant’s attorney. This is included as an attachment to this communication.



Planning Commission held a preliminary project plan process (P4) study session on November 23, 2020 to discuss the proposed PD Amendment. City Council held a P4 study session on December 8, 2020. Pursuant to both discussions and direction, the application includes limits on vehicle storage spaces, permeable pavers, enhanced landscape area, limits on vehicle hauler trips, and screening.


Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider PC Resolution 02-2021 to recommend approval or denial of the application on June 14, 2021. Planning Commission declined recommendation of approval by a vote of four to three.  Due to the Planning Commission vote of denial, , a two-thirds vote of concurring council members is required of Council to approve this zoning matter.  


This ordinance passed on City Council first reading on July 6, 2021.


Staff Analysis

Staff analyzed impacts to traffic, neighboring properties, and nature of the operations proposed on the site. Professional traffic analysis shows the proposed PD amendment will have little to no impact on traffic. Further, the existing Southbridge PD does not establish any restrictions on gross floor area, height, or parking areas. The proposed PD amendment establishes lot restrictions to further mitigate impacts on neighboring properties. Staff has reviewed the screening and buffering and finds that it is more than adequate for the scale and intensity of the proposed use per the Suburban Commercial character area of the comprehensive plan.


Council Goal, Objective, and/or Guiding Principle

The proposed PD amendment addresses Council Goal 2: Financial Sustainability and furthers comprehensive plan goals for economy and tax base while mitigating impacts to character and adjacent properties to the extent feasible.


Fiscal Impacts

The city has performed a preliminary economic analysis for the proposed use. Permitting a recondition center along with office uses facilitates the city’s economic sustainability goals and provides economic multipliers from employment and wages.



The applicant conducted two neighborhood meetings and maintained a webpage for the proposed development.  Public comments to staff are included in the attachments.



Staff finds that the proposed PD Amendment is consistent with the approval criteria in Littleton City Code section(s) 10-2-23, as detailed in the staff report and recommends approval of Ordinance 12-2021.



I move to approve Ordinance 12-2021 on second reading, approving the Sixth Amendment to Area K of the Southbridge Planned Development Plan concerning the McDonald Automotive Reconditioning Facility at 1151 W. Mineral Avenue.



Littleton City Code for Planned Developments



Comprehensive Plan